Young Swingers Week Review


Hi all, We just got back from Hedonism where we spent the last week with the young swingers group. I wanted to pop in and give a rave review on the group, the people, the resort, the organizers, and a few fellow redditors that were there. You were all so friendly and welcoming! Literally, the first person we talked to when we got to the transportation desk turned out to be a poster here on reddit and was a great bus neighbor on the ride into the resort.

Once we were checked in, the fun didn’t stop until we realized it was time to go home. The energy and sexiness of the week is still echoing. The event itself was really well organized with great presentations and structure. The resort really stepped it up and this trip was leaps and bounds better than our previous experiences at Hedo. (and those were good as well)

Last time we were at Hedo it was really dated, so this trip I wasn’t expecting anything more than the experience, but apparently, the new owner has put some TLC into the place because the rooms are vastly nicer than before, some of which are completely renovated

…we may or may not have been in a variety of different rooms on occasion 😉

The food was great as well. We especially enjoyed the last day with the sushi and lobster buffet, and the hibachi restaurant was great too! Overall, the staff was as fantastic as expected. The entertainers and nightly shows were all top notch and sexy as fuck. The music was on point and the activities were awesome.

I don’t know how much of that was solely orchestrated by the YSW organizers, but the theme nights vastly exceeded our expectations based on our previous trip. EDM night on the pool deck was LIT. The cage dancers in the courtyard were insane. The foam party by the lower pool gave me a 3-hour boner. I can’t even describe how great of a time we had. I think we will be booking next year within a day or two.

I highly recommend YSW if you’re in the market. They did a fantastic job.


  1. Just curious, but can you comment on the swingers that attended YSW? We’d love to know if for the most part they are all actually young and at least some are hotter than average. I know it’s completely subjective, but how would you compare the attendees to other similar events?


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