What is Hotwifing

what is hotwifing

In this post we will look at

  • What is Hotwifing

  • Hotwife Definition
  • Hotwife Marriage
  • What is Hotwifing
  • Hotwife Lifestyle
  • How to Meet a Hotwife
  • Do’s And Don’ts When Contacting a Hotwive’s and Hotwives couples
  • Links to Hotwife Profiles for your Perving 😉
  • Psssttt some serious SEXY Pics at the bottom of this post 😉

What is Hotwifing

Hotwifing is when husbands watching wives with other men or more specifically refers to a married woman who often has sexual relations with different men, with the approval of her husband.

Many husbands and hotwives get off from not only sharing her for sex but also for sharing pictures. Make sure to follow this frisky feline to see what we mean.


Hotwife Definition

The definition of a hot wife is a married woman who has the freedom in her marriage to pursue sexual relationships with men other than her husband. Her husband has full knowledge of her activities and consents to them.


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Hotwife Marriage

A hotwife marriage is when a husband and his wife openly enjoy the fact that the wife can have sexual relationships with other men and live their hotwife marriage in complete harmony.

So now you have the basic of what is hotwifing, let’s dig a little deeper and understand how it all works and tell you how you can seriously benefit benefit from it with sex.

And, incase you think that hotwifing is few and far between or just for the sexual pereverse… think again. Every year, more and more couples decide to have a engage in a hotwife marriage than you can imagine.

In Fact so many people are now jumping on the bandwagon that there are hotwife parties / greedy girl nights popping up in most cities in most countries around the world.

And as you can imagine, I not only know a lot of hotwives personally, but I’ve also been that guy that the hotwife meets. And it’s just as good as it sounds on the tin!


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Hotwife Lifestyle

Let me give you a couple of real life scenarios of when, where and how I’ve met hotwives…

#Scenario 1 Tindernet, Adult Tube and Lube.

Iv’e said before and I will say it again. If you are looking to get laid then you need to Join the Lifestyle. Forget dating apps, dumb ass pick up lines and wasting your time on approaching women in the street.

Get your ass into the lifestyle. And if there is ever going to be a reason this is it.

Years ago, I was dating some woman and the sex life had took a little uturn. And, like any guy in this situation I regularly dabbled in internet porn.  Regular actually means A LOT.

And… after a short while, I realized the jacking off on webcams with real women and actually chatting to them and watching them do the same  was way more of a turn on then staring at yet another porn video on fucktube dot cum.

So anyway, after doing this for a few months and even watching porn videos as I do, I got into a PVT chat with some couple on a Lifestyle site.

It weirded me out a little as I have never jacked off with another guy watching me before. Well, to my knowledge anyway..

The husband sat back and the woman came to the center of the cam and we both sat there, playing with ourselves for each other.

After we both did our business, we chatted a bit more when the husband made the offer that if I could be bothered to drive the 900km to their house I could have the real deal.

Packed, car loaded and GONE IN 60 SECONDS.

Roadside hotel found a few hours later. Next night accommodations THEIR HOUSE.

Happy fucking days!


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# Scenario 2 Boats, booze and some serious impeccable timing.

Around, 3 months ago, I was in traveling along the east coast of Italy when I met a couple at a Lifestyle event.

She was 43 year old big titted blonde with legs that went alllll the way up. He was a 49 year old, quite short and chubby guy with obvious boat loads of cash.

I say boat loads, because the next day they were planning on sailing around the Bay of Naples and were looking for someone to help out on deck.

Fuck yea’ I said when they invited me to join them and another couple that they had met at said event.

Now, as I met these guys at a Lifestyle party I knew what kind of boat party to expect. They’ll be some sailing, some drinking and most definitely some sex.

After the sails were up,wine was poured and the boat was sailing nicely the other guys were up at the wheel house ‘or whatever the fuck you call it’.



So there I was, chatting to both women, when one of the husbands called me up to join them for a beer.


I went up, and after chattin’ about life, love and of course the lifestyle for a short while it was made pretty crystal clear as to why they invited me on board.

Both couples were hotwife couples and they both love watching their wives with other men.

Apparently, the night before, they decided to both watch their wives with another man at the same time.

And me being me was that one lucky son of a bitch in the exact right place at the right time.

To save this from becoming an X Rated post, you are going to have to use your imagination but the afternoon and early evening were spent in luxury banging two guys wives as they watched on with hardons.

This brings me directly to the point of…

How to meet a hotwife

Now judging by both those scenarios, you ain’t going to be wanting fly to Italy, in the hope that you will 1) find a lifestyle club and 2) have that same result.

Trust me, it AINT gonna happen my friend.

I was super lucky that night and it’s not a formula that can be repeated.

However, scenario 1 quite clearly is.

The trick to meeting and finding a hotwife couple is joining the Lifestyle. Forget all other ways as it just dont work like that.

If you want a cup of coffee, go to a coffee shop and if you want to get laid join the lifestyle and here’s a link to exactly how you do that.

How to contact a Hotwife

Here are some essential tips to help you approach a hotwife couple.

  • Do’s
    • Approach them with respect. Just because they have a hotwife marriage, it does not mean she will want to have sex with anyone
    • Always include chatting to the husband and finding out what he wants to see/hear about
    • Send clear face pictures if you are cold contacting them on the internet
    • Ask them what they want to do and where they want to meet
    • Make it all  about them and not you
    • Offer to buy them a meal, pay for the hotel… be a gent
    • Turn up early, clean and showered. She WILL be fuc%^ing the crap out of you
    • Wear a condom
    • Satisfy her before you satisfy yourself

And whatever you do follow these don’t do that’s…

  • Don’ts
    • Send cock shots unless asked for
    • Tell them your fantasies unless asked
    • Tell your buddies who they are or where they live
    • Take photos
    • Get drunk
    • Smoke unless they do
    • Let them down

howife pics

Pic Reddit

Check Out Some Real Hotwives On Redit

The following profiles have are all of verified, genuine hotwives that like to share a few pics of what they get up to on good ole redit…

u/HotWifeVixen91 Swinger. Vixen. HotWife. Milf. Slut. Submissive. Threesomes. GroupSex. GangBangs. SexyHungBulls. BiPlay. SoftBondage. CumSlut. 😇

u/Taur_win One certified and dirty wife that is not only into being a hotwife but she’s also in the cuckold fet.
u/Herintense_moans Another raunchy Redit user that begs to to use guys like you for her enjoyment.

u/sghw4u Wife is a new hotwife who has been enjoying her experience. Confident yet submissive wife looking to please and pleased.

u/SerenaHotwife This hotwife is also a budding amateur porn star!

u/sharingiscaring95 Kinky 30m & 23f couple in the PNW.

u/htx88 Blonde, pert and perfect…

If you want to meet a hotwife then check out this guide that teaches you Everything You Need To Get Started.


  1. Hotwife here… a few tips for you budding bulls out there… DONT SEND COCK SHOT SEND FACE PICS. Shave and pre well prepared to go all night.


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