Went to a swingers club for the first time….


Hey all! My fiancée and I had been talking about a threesome with another woman for a little while (6~ months maybe) and after a drunken experience with a partial threesome she was more gung-ho about it. We put it off for a bit due to sports for the kids and always being busy. Then the idea of going to a swingers club came up. We talked about that for maybe a month, with the intent to find a unicorn but discussed being open about a couple.

Fast forward to last Saturday, our local club was having a St. Patrick’s day party and we decided it would be a good time to go. We went about our day like normal and did a little clothes shopping to look nice for our first visit. Time comes to leave, we stop by a sex shop to get some enhancing supplements for me (wanted to make sure I could keep going if the opportunity’s were there) we got to the club and was given a tour by the main floor manager (I guess that’s what he would be?) answered every question we had and said he would keep checking on us throughout the night, then took us to meet the owner who happened to be at this specific club (he owns multiple clubs). And he was very friendly and told us to make sure if we need anything to let him or the staff and they would make sure we were as comfortable as possible. It made us feel very welcome by how friendly everyone was, especially the staff.

Fast forward to a couple hours in (we go there early so we could get a tour and ask questions) and people started showing up by the group. It filled up fairly quickly. After some drinks we decided to walk around and see what was going on in the different play areas. Nothing yet, we decide to cut a rug for a bit cause the jams were flowin. By this point a good portion of women had changed into costumes. Most of them had no top so there were topless women everywhere. It was great. The owner asked us earlier what we were looking for and he said if there were any unicorns he would direct them to us first. Unfortunately there were only a few and they had actually come to meet up with couples. It’s getting later in the night and we decide to go check out the play areas again. This time there were a few couples there, my fiancée loved it. She has always loved watching people have sex in person, just a huge turn on for her. So we watched for a bit, switching between couples and enjoying what was going on. We went back to the main floor and got some more drinks then decided we were gonna go play, as we hadn’t really talked to anyone and even with her liquid courage still wasn’t comfortable going up to a woman she found attractive to start a conversation.

We started off watching porn next to where the play beds are. She started giving me a blow job and some people who were walking by stopped to watch. It was a huge turn on for me. I loved people watching her go down on me. So I pulled her boobs out for the onlookers to see and so I could play with them too! Then after a few minutes of that, we went to one of the beds. I went down on her for everyone to see. After a bit of that she pulled me on the bed and started blowing me again. This time there was a couple walking by and the lady asked if she could help. My fiancée asked if I was ok with it and of course I said “hell yeah!” And her and her husband both came in. My fiancée and the other lady were both taking very good care of me, switching between me and making out with each other. It was fucking amazing. Then my fiancée pulls away and starts to undo the lady’s husbands pants and he lays on his back and my fiancée looks at me as to see if I’m ok with it. I give her a nod and she starts blowing him. (I never thought in my life I would have enough trust in a relationship or not get angry at something like that to actually do this) I was actually enjoying watching her go down on another man all while I’m getting a blow job from another woman. It was a soft swap (we were open to a full swap but they were soft swap only) we had sex with our own partners and still would occasionally Eiffel Tower the women. We finished up, got dressed and went to hydrate. Never spoke to the couple, nothing after we were done, just went separate ways.

When we were back at our table we were approached by another couple but I unfortunately didn’t have anything left in me (or so I thought) I politely declined telling them I was exhausted and needed to get some rest. They went to the play room and we left (I did feel bad about not going with them) turns out the supplement I had taken was the best I had ever taken cause 5 minutes into the car ride home I was hard as a rock and my fiancée gave me road head. Then when we got home we fucked like animals.

Overall it was a fucking amazing experience. We talked about how we felt about it all once we got home and then again in the morning when alcohol wasn’t a factor. She loved it just as much as I did and we can’t wait to go back!! We’re still looking for the unicorn but we want to full swap with a couple.

I guess you can say, we are officially swingers


  1. You probably saw us there! We were at Colette for the St Patrick’s Day party (I’m positive that’s where you’re talking about because John, the owner, was in town). My wife and I were hanging out by the Quiver table / banner, and we were the couple that was fucking in the open area of the big playroom upstairs later in the night (which may have been after y’all were up there). It was actually a fairly slow night at the club, especially for a holiday party – it’s usually a lot busier on Saturdays, so you guys should check it out again soon!

  2. Thanks for sharing your story. It always excites to read stories like this. Hopefully one these days I get to experience something similar with my girlfriend.


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