We appreciate you writing, but it doesn’t sound like we would be a good fit. Best of luck in your search for a lady.


Ugh. Had to write that message twice today to couples who reached out to us, but their profile made it perfectly clear they are only interested in women. We male halves aren’t window dressing. My message was polite, but I really wanted to tell them to fuck off 🙄. Stop reaching out to couples if your profile is all about what you want from a woman and how she loves women and blah blah blah.



  1. I get what you mean by this but I have also seen an odd phenomenon where some profiles have things that seem set in stone but aren’t. I have seen it multiple times where there was no initial interest because they seemed to want only a girl / girl experience but in actually meeting them (like at a party) you find they are fine with not having one and can have a more “hetero” experience just fine.

    But then again, it’s their profile and it’s not the viewer’s job to decipher any other meanings I guess.

  2. Do you think it maybe correlates with profiles having mostly (or only) pictures of the lady and few (or none) of the guy? I mean, I don’t know what your profile looks like of course. I’m just curious.

  3. ” I really want to see my man with another woman” BUT I don’t want sex with another man. This is a relationship where the husband is pushing the wife so he can get some side pussy. Most likely he doesn’t want anyone fucking his wife.

    That is why we don’t even bother with these couples or husbands posing as a couple. Just my 1 minute rant for this morning, kmsl


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