Trapeze Fort Lauderdale Review


Trapeze Fort Lauderdale Review

“So we visited the swinger club in Fort Lauderdale for the first time last night. The first surprise was that it was located in a strip mall. I guess that’s to be expected, since everything around here is in a strip mall. But it’s still not the scary building in a deserted industrial area that I’ve come to expect from Choice (the only other club we’ve been to).

We had dinner nearby first, because I was leery of swinger club food, but it actually looked pretty good. At the restaurant, which was right around the corner, we spent some time trying to pick out people who we would see later at Trapeze. (None of them showed up.)

The crowd was very diverse: 20s through 70s, a variety of races and body types. For the people in our age range (50s) we were honestly disappointed — a lot of couples with a hot woman and an out-of-shape guy. We also noticed two couples that were clearly incongruous: a 70-75 year old guy, with a 20-something cute girl looking completely bored. My thought was that the guy hired an escort to accompany him.

We talked to a few people. There was one couple from our home region who, somewhat surprisingly seemed to know a lot about us having seen and remembered — in great detail — our profile. Met another couple who enjoys the vibe but never even ventures into the back rooms.

We arrived pretty early (9pm), and the place filled up by 11pm, at which point a guy walked around the club in a towel. We both assumed this was an employee, suggesting that it’s time to move into the back of the club. Which we did. The locker set up is weird. Makes sense, but still weird to encounter. Just like at a gym, except, of course, it’s coed, so that guys and girls are getting dressed or undressed in the same place. (You can wear nothing more than a towel in the back rooms.)

We ran into our neighbors in the back room, where we had “same-room” sex together. We had a few spectators. Over time, this area filled up and got very crowded. Probably 95% of the guests did move into the back rooms by midnight. By that time, there were people fucking everywhere. One thing I noticed is that couples tended to stay together. I did not observe any case in which it was obvious that four people were playing together, or even swapping. It just seems like a lot of people who go into the back room to have, basically same-room sex. Is this common?

This was on the couple’s side of the play area. We ventured briefly into the part that allows single guys, which seemed to be a lot of single guys standing around. I saw no sex going on there.

As I said, this was our first visit. We are interested enough to go back, ideally with friends, but we’d definitely want to start the evening later. We were wondering if things change and get more interesting later in the night.”



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