To shave or not to shave?


So, random question of the day, how many of you guys who swing out there shave your balls? Has it become more the norm? Girls, what’s your expectation of the guys you play with? I don’t mind doing it, I keep everything manscaped (not bald, but nicely trimmed) already, just curious what everyone thinks.


  1. “At the age of fourteen a Zoroastrian named Vilma ritualistically shaved my testicles. There really is nothing like a shorn scrotum… it’s breathtaking- I highly suggest you try it.” – Dr. Evil

    But seriously I use clippers shave my entire pubic region to a #1 or a #1/2. Then in the shower I use hair conditioner as a lubricant to shave my testicles with a standard 4 blade safety razor.

  2. Shaved balls and base of shaft, keep the rest of the area trimmed. I’m a hairy guy, so fully shaving the rest of the area would look goofy unless I did everything, and I don’t think there’s enough time in the world to get it all…

  3. Not a girl, but a bisexual guy.

    The sexuality of the other guy doesn’t play a huge role – even in straight foursomes, I prefer her handling a nice dick, and that’s a well groomed one. A landing strip is fine, but balls should be shaved.

    If I have a personal say (or rather… mouth) in it, then it’s pretty simple: No oral for unshaven balls (and pussies for that matter). I just hate stray hairs in my mouth. The only exception is the missus and even there, I’d probably just shave her myself as foreplay before I go down. And damn her, she enjoy that too much! I happen to be a shaving enthusiast and she knows I like shaving her, so she just picks on of my shaving soaps sometimes.

    But I like such kinda primal mutual grooming rituals. We don’t have lice or fur, so we can’t pick them off of each other and shaving is a close second. Also picking stray hairs.

  4. Please be groomed. Nothing worse than a mouth full of steel wool when going downtown. In our experience fewer younger people are shaving or grooming in the LS. I think the trend of full bush is coming back though I will say as a swinger my sample is biased.

  5. I put a razor on all of it. Balls, dick, butthole.
    Zero hair down there at all.
    Once you do it, it’s easy to maintain.
    Most women like it better.

  6. I shave my balls, shaft, and a little above. The wife keeps it trimmed. I prefer the ladies completely shaved and she is ok with shaved or trimmed neatly.

  7. From a practical standpoint. I love licking a man’s skin not his hair. From a looks standpoint I like it trimmed, shows concern for cleanliness and general self care. From an attraction standpoint I love to smell the natural scent and it’s stronger and more intoxicating if it’s hairy. Here’s how I get everything I want, cock and balls: waxed, pubic bone and inner thighs: trimmed, facial hair–hell yes. Unscented soap, deodorant and lotion.

    I only ask all this of my husband but when I see it in other guys I can’t wait to jump them ; )

  8. Wife won’t play with someone who’s not at least trimmed. I keep the balls and shaft shaved, trimmed on top, if I shave I get ingrowns pretty easily so I don’t bother.

  9. Mowing the lawn makes the tree look taller, so they say.

    I don’t have any issues with my size, but ladies like me manscaped, so I use a Norelco.


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