Thinking about Privata for first experience at a club


Thinking of going to Privata club in Portland and curious about the age range and whether people are there to play or is it more of a nightclub scene?

We’re in our early 40s but relatively new to all of this and thought a trip to Privata might be a fun way to wade into the shallow end.




  1. You will find people in their 20’s to 70’s. Truly depends on the night. Mostly 30 to 50 range. Great place to go to.

  2. I would say early 40s is about average. We are early 40s and show up every so often. It’s a very welcoming environment. Feel free to ask any specific questions.

  3. My husband and I have never been, but thought about going. I have heard good things about it from another couple. People being very respectful and such. Gonna follow this thread…

  4. We’re in Eugene and have not been since it was Sesso. We’ve been thinking about going back soon. We’re 44&47.

  5. A little worried that at our age we might not get attention but it sound like confidence goes a long way and that we won’t be outliers.

  6. Would make a great first experience. When my wife amd I got together she had not really been swinging, just ethically non monogamous so we used to go to sesso (its previous incarnation) and when we got super worked up go fuck in a private room. It allowed her to aclimate and feel sexy with no pressure. Eventually we tried the couples lounge as she became more confident.


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