The side effects of a nude spa…


My g/f and I have been talking about going to a nude spa here in Amsterdam and we finally did. I was very skeptical about the idea but decided to give it a go.
Once we got there, we got fully naked and automatically felt very comfortable. We saw bodies from all walks of life and loved the experience. So much so, it sparked some naughtiness inside our brains…

Dutch people are beautiful, especially women. My g/f is gorgeous too but being surrounded by women equally as hot as her, fully naked, turned me on a lot.
We both agreed that having sex in front of other people was something we should seriously consider. However, I’m thinking more of it as a stepping stone to fully swap…

What do you guys recommend me? Should we take it step by step? Shall we first go to a club and see by ourselves? I mean, we were turned on because the people were stunning, I don’t think being turned on as much if the people were grim, old, perverts…

I’d love some recommendations based on your own experience – feelings, steps you took, what was it that made you do it…

Thanks a lot!


  1. Take it slow and be honest wi5h yourself. You might love or regret it . What would you feel if you saw her having sex with another male?

  2. Depends on your personalities and what you are looking for.
    If you just want someone to have a quick go with, a club is for you. Also, if you want to have sex with each other in front of other people having sex.
    If you want it a bit more personal and maybe slower, go get on a platform and have couple dates.

    By the a German it sounds kinda cute when people tell their story of the first time in a nude spa. I’m not bound to beautiful nude people, but a spa is something non-sexual to me and I’m very used to be naked in one. 😁

  3. The girlfriend and I are also getting our feet wet, so to speak, having just moved to Amsterdam. Are there any good clubs here?


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