The Different Types Of Cuck


In this post, we’ll look at the different types of cuck that guys can become.

As you already know many couples love meeting single guys for sex and one of the easiest ways to do this is to meet cuckold couples looking for guys to join um. If you don’t know I am talking about then click here to find out what is a cuck

So what are the different types?

Well.. to start with, it’s not one shoe fits that for sure…

The watching Cuck

He sits, he stares and watches his wife be pleasured…

The waiting at home cuck

He’ll wait at home like the good husband he is, eagerly thinking about what she is getting up to.

The joining in cuck

Care and share is his motto. He joins in and his wife puts out.

The threesome watching cuck

“Got a friend Barry? – get him over”

The gangbang watching cuck

The more the merrier for this cuck.

The cross dressing cuck

“My name is Tina not Terry today!”

The clean up cuck

He laps up the goodness from his wives lover.

The sub cuck

“As you wish maaaam”

The chastity cuck

“Ok, but I really need to go for a piss”

The watching on cam cuck

“Bastard internet goes down”

The hiding cuck

“Peeka boo, I see you but you don’t see me”

The helpful cuck

“Bring the double ended dildo Terry!”


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