How to Stop Premature Ejaculation

How to stop premature ejaculation

Howdy sex partners…

In todays sexpert tip, I’m going to share with you the easiest way to stop premature ejaculation.

Ain’t nuttin’ worse then being slap bang in the middle of an orgy, pleasing two chicks or starting on a weekend of sex and debauchery when  you suddenly getting that feeling that you know you are about to cum.

Now… a little back ground. Personally, I way Way WAY prefer to have a good, 3-4 days worth of build up before I get laid.

This is for two reasons, the first is that I just feel so much more horny with both barrels locked and loaded and secondly, when I do shoot my load… IT’S A LOT!

Infact I often get applauded on how big my loads are from my various playmates, their husbands or even random bystanders.

But any way… if you are worried about blowing your load, don’t stress it’s easy to over come. (No pun intended)

All you need to do is put a little practice in. WOOHOO ! Bet no ones told ya that you need to have a walk before for learning something eh!

So simply, kick back, chuck on some porn and work your little fella up to a frenzy.

And here’s the tip… just before you think you are about to let your little fella throw up STOP. Have a break of around a minute or so and then repeat (not rinse… yet)

Keep doing this for around 4-5 cycles and each time see how close you can get to the finishing line without actually ‘finsihing’.

When enough is enough and you got to get that feel good feelin’, eventually let your self shoot. As you do, make sure to identify the exact point of no return so you can learn exactly WHEN you need to stop in the future.

Interestingly, and psychologically speaking, when you do go next into sex battle, it’s been proven by having this level of understanding of being able to understand exactly where your limits are you’ll be able to spot the early signs long before its too late and use them to your advantage.

My favourite thing to do is just before I feel the need to stop, is to  pull out, flip my playmate on her back and use it as a great time to make a woman squirt.

The result is, you don’t shoot your load too quickly and always make the woman have the time of her life.

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