Single Female Excited for my first hotel takeover!


Hello fellow swingers I’m a single lady going to my first Life Style  hotel takeover and I’m super excited! I am in contact with a few couples that will also be at the event so it’ll make it easier and more comfortable for me. I’m more excited than anything and not really nervous (not yet at least). I bought a few very form fitting dresses and a bombass bathing suit for this weekend. I can’t lie, I’m really trying to keep my expectations low but there are several good looking couples on the RSVP list. I hope to have fun with them, even if its only talking, hanging out and flirting. I know it’ll just be me so I won’t drink too much alcohol and security will be there so that’s a plus. My mindset is to approach couples and not expect them to come to me. Smile, interact, ask open ended questions and be engaging. I’m trying to also think of pickup lines (cheesy I know) to let them know I’m ready to be touched, kissed or make our way back the room.

You guys have been so helpful so far and a great resource for me. I hope it’s an adventure and I’m sure it’ll be fun. If you guys have any tips for this weekend, feel free to chime in!


  1. Last second advice:
    – your pick up can be as simple as: Hi, I am Jane.
    – to start the conversation, you can say: it’s my first time here. Do you know how this works?

    And the most important advice ever, that you might not need since you are going to start talking to the couples you have identified already: if a couple starts the conversation and pursues you, and you don’t feel it for any reason: Walk Away! Don’t waste any time. You can get stuck very easily by trying to be nice. Don’t be nice nor polite. Just-walk-a-way.

  2. Just thinking about something: the worst thing about meeting someone with their clothes on and you haven’t seen their profile online: they could have a very small dick. I always find a way to verify that real fast. Like either ask how big it is, or stroke it and see if it gets hard…

  3. Sounds great! We always have fun at takeovers. It was a bit strange at first, until it finally sunk in that we were all there for the same reason ; ) Then it just became fun exploring the options and potential play partners.

    Can we ask when event and where?

  4. Hotel takeovers are so fun. You’re literally on another planet disconnected from the world just having the time of your life. I’d love to hear a report of how you enjoyed it and your thoughts. 😊😊


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