Penis Size (Length / Girth) + Male Body Positive Issues


I often notice posts about women being more body positive and can personally say that I talk about that more (from a women’s perspective) but I’m curious about the swinger men out there

​What kinds of insecurities exist, I’m assuming most would be the same….

  • Body shape / Size
  • I don’t have six pack
  • I’m not tall enough?

​What about penis insecurities? A lot of women worry about their vagina (size, shape, smell etc). How do these play out in Swinger situations? Do you size up a guy before you play? Do you sneak a look over and check out his junk to compare against your own?

​I’d love to open up some conversations from the men out there, what do you worry about or what have you worried about in the past that has since gone away and how did you get more positive.



  1. I never thought I was big or small penis wise……but damn! Every guy on seems to be hung! Wtf! When I was younger I was 6.5 inches… as I hav gotten older, I am almost a full inch shorter? I know I dont get as hard as I once did….and Silindfel does not really help much. I wonder if cialis works better?

  2. I think we men measure our cocks wrong. Think about it, if one were to measure the lengthy of a cat’s tail, where would you start the measurement?? At it’s asshole to the tip. Some of us would double or even triple in length…..

  3. I think every guy will compare their dick size to others. Unlike chicks boobs where you can tell if she’s stacked or not with us guys you don’t know.

    Porn has taught us all a lot about sex. And for sure it tells us women all want a big dick. In reality I think most women like slightly above average more. Size queens exist for sure but not as much as porn made me believe when I was younger.

    I’m glad I don’t have a giant dick tho because I feel kinda sorry for those guys. They can’t really pound most women and only get half their dick in there! Lol.

    It sounds cool and I’m sure from just an ego standpoint it’s awesome to have a giant hog but I bet guys with a 6-8” decently thick dick actually have more fun sexually.

  4. I always check it out but when we watch other people in the club have sex, i check that out to. I enjoy watching a nice sized cock pound a pussy in general. Not so much concerned about comparing to myself

  5. Hey there!
    That’s an interesting one. As a huge generalisation, I’d say it is true that men aren’t as focused on that as women – but there certainly are exceptions.

    I never thought twice about my looks or comparing to others.

    I’ve found it very interesting since of the comments I’ve received from women. I don’t dwell on them, but I do remember them. The main one is height. I had people message me to say that they won’t want to meet me because I don’t list my height online. As a 6″ guy… I’m not the tallest out there, but I suspect my height wouldn’t be an issue to most girls. But more than that – if the person was THAT fixated on height, well they can bugger off. I’m not interested in people that shallow.

    Another person spent a week trying to convince me to shave my (very well maintained) beard off “so I can sleep with you”.

    Finally, there’s the general things. Weight, not being ripped, and body hair. And these things depend on general mood – if I’m feeling good, then I don’t even think about my body. But if I’ve had a crappy week, then I CBF trying to going to any swinging events because I’m going to feel more judged.

  6. I’m going to be a broken record, but seriously, confidence is the sexiest thing on a man. The minute you start stressing about your junk or your abs, your attractiveness goes down.

    I would prefer that you know to use your dick, tongue and fingers rather than you having six-pack abs and huge dick.


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