NYE party at Secrets in Orlando FL


Great night overall. Club was well organized and it was packed.

We got there at 8pm and we were able to park easily. They had a great decor (Paris France themed), DJ, nice cars by the pool, red carpet.

We didn’t know anyone so we got drinks and roamed around. People were nicely dressed. Age was skewing older. The dance club was packed. We were a little surprised at first that people were taking photos by the pool. We are more used to a no phone policy in other clubs but phone are actually only banned from the playroom.

We eventually headed to the play room. They were pretty empty. We got a locker very easily and went to play just my wife and I for a while.

When we were done, we went out for food and came back before midnight. Parking was now full so we had to park next door and walk.

Close to midnight the club was even more full, a much younger crowd showed up. Champagne was served. The DJ went on a cabana roof to do the countdown. The midnight firework was simply amazing.

After the firework, we headed back to the playroom. They were now packed. There were no more lockers. The heat turned up quickly and all the beds were used with couples fucking left and right.

We played again just my wife and I. They were a lot to watch as well. An orgy started in a corner, a lady was blowing cocks for NYE in the glory hole, people were swapping left and right.

We eventually decided to find other play partners as the night was getting wild. I tried to glory hole lady. She was really enjoying sucking cocks.

A single male and I doubled team my wife. Then I joined a couple of guys who were group fucking another wife.

By 3am, my wife and I were tapped out. There were still many people playing. We watched for a while, talked to a few people.

We finished the night in the hot tub, talked to nice people and then headed home.

Happy 2020!


  1. My wife and I are near the central Florida area and have been curious about attending a lifestyle event. We just aren’t sure of where to go to find other attractive couples and we would like them to be well attended so we could have a low pressure type first time.

    Any suggestions?

  2. We heard an ad for secrets on 101.1 today took us off guard. We’ve been several times but sadly couldn’t make for NYE. Sounds like it was a great time.

  3. I had actually debated on attending (I’m pretty close by as well) needless to say I ended up elsewhere. I’m glad it was a great event, this gives me something to look forward to.

    I haven’t been to Secrets in a while and have been thinking about attending for mine and my best friend’s birthday.

    I was wondering… My husband isn’t used to the swinger and/or polyamory lifestyle and I’d go as far to say doesn’t really identify with either but met me as such AND has recently (like 2 days ago) expressed an interest in attending with me when I was talking about what I was thinking. I was not expecting this and I’m not sure how to feel. Aside from a hint of potential jealousy (our other relationships or hookups haven’t really crossed paths before) I’m also a bit excited at the idea of him experiencing this with me for the 1st time. Any advice for a young (20s) newly married (1yr) couple going into this?

    Thanks in advance. Happy New Year! ☺


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