My wife has agreed to give me a 3way. MFM or FMF? Pros and cons


With an MFM all the attention would be on her which is great. I get to fulfill my fantasy of watching her get fucked or suck another guy. With FMF all the attention would be on me that is also great if I don’t blow my load in 2 minutes.

I’d like to hear some of the pros and cons to each one (doing this as a couple). We will probably do whichever one presents an opportunity first.



  1. ‘agreed to give’ sounds bad imho.

    Swingers are people who are both really committed in what they plan to do. They both want it. The exploration, the excitement. **Agreeing** to **give** you a threeway? Whatever type you choose, this could end badly and full of regrets.

  2. If you do the FFM there is a high likelihood she will get jealous, could taint your relationship forever, speaking from experience. If you do the MFM much less likely she will be jealous after, but no guarantee she will enjoy it. If you do the MFM right and give her a nearly perfect night with all the bells and whistles, she may want to do it again.

    While 3somes are fun and get all the porn hits, for your first time out of the gates, I would recommend aiming for a 4some. Find another couple who is into this kind of thing. They will be more comfortable and have a better idea how to proceed. They will also catch any red flags you may be missing along the way. Specially if it’s your first time into non monogamy for both of you, this will either cement your relationship or it will create problems for you.

    Best of luck and let us know how it goes!!

  3. Ahh, always there are naysayers.
    Ignore them.

    If you and you’re partner are comfortable talking about everything, and revealing your deepest fantasies , the transition should be almost seamless.

    Sure there will be sensations of jealousy, and that is part of the arousal. If you guys lay down a base guideline, with rules/reminders and hand signals/safety words – there will be no problems.

    It’s fun. Of course MFM will be easier to find – which is why I say go for the FMF if you want to take it slow and are worried you may be the hesitant one.

    It will give you time to find someone she is truly comfortable with, and give you time to decide if you really wanna go through with it.

    The ladies sometimes need time to warm up to new ideas (even the unicorns lol). Guys are ready to bone instantly lol.

    Best of luck to you guys

  4. We would recommend the mfm, if she has a good experience, it’s more likely you will have other experiences in the future.

  5. It is much harder to find another female to do this with. My husband and I find one maybe once a year. When it comes to the attention being focused on you during a fmf…. that’s never been our experience. My husband tends to get a little left out because the woman’s focus is mostly on me….


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