How To Go Down On A Woman

How to go down on a woman


So you’re either feelin a little frisky and like getting it on by reading sex tip posts or you’re curious to learn exactly how to go down on a woman the right way. Either way you’re bang in the right place. As all these have been field tested and refined over many years.

For the sake of a randomly weird post though, let’s assume it’s the latter shall we.

#1 Don’t Go In All Guns A Blazin’. “Never tear of her panties and just go in for the kill. Take your time cowboy and make her wait. The longer she waits… the wetter she will get. Assuming you’ve given her nips a good seeing too then start kissing the belly button first. Working your way down slooooowly. Then Just as you get right to the point make sure to lick all around her pussy first. Keep it sacred.”

#2 Softly Softly Catchy Monkey. “Your tongue can be a powerhouse of pain when it comes to lapping vagina. Take it gentle… make it soft to start with and respond with the right pressure to how she groooans.”

#3 Get into the Groove Babeh’. “You know just at the point you’re about to come and someone changes tac? Well it SUCKS don’t it. So make sure to do the same back. When you feel her welling keep on movin’ till the jobs done.”

#4 Pay Attention.”Know matter how early on in the game you are always pay attention to the way she moves, the way she grinds on your tongue, the way she grumbles with bliss. Each woman is different so make sure to pay attention to her body and give her what she craves.”

#5 Make Her Wait Then Wet Then Wild.”It’s a journey… Tease her and build up the anticipation, get her wet and throbbing then at the exact point get her to go wild. The repeat.”

#6 The Clit Or No Clit.” Oh where to nibble. Every goddamn women I have ever been with likes it a little different to the next. And to nibble at or NOT nibble at the Clit is by far the biggest difference. Some women just want you to chew on that lil fucker all night long. Others? Seem to hop right out of bed the second you start dashing with your tongue. Figure out what she likes and figure it out fast.”

#7 Fingers, Thumbs, Elbows and Tongues.”Get creative. Some women just want you to passionately lick her vagina. Others like a few fingers in there and some even like to be fisted with both hands as she takes anal. I’ve me them all… So make sure to work out if she wants more or less in there as you tongue dashing like a crazy mofo.

#8 G-Spot. Many A Woman Love That There Gorgeous  G-Spot.”It’s just on the inner wall a little below her belly button if you’re a wonderin’. Find it, master it. Learn to rub it gently before you rub it hard. If there was a magic button this is it.”

#9 Get Comfy.”Treat her like a queen. Lay her on her back, get her a pillow for her head, give her a little massage firt and make her super relaxed. The more relaxed she is the better it’ll be.”

#10 Don’t Forget Her Ass.”The number of women I have been with that just spread their thighs and wiggle their ass in my face for some love is incredible. Most Women love it so learn to love it too. Just give it a little attention every now and then and see if she digs it.”

#11 Be A Man.”Getting tired? Poor you. There’s a million other guys she could be with right now so EAT IT, deserve it, WORK FOR IT.”

#12 The Final Hurdle.”She welling up? About to come? Go deep, go hard or go home. Give it everything that you’ve got. Don’t stop. You CAN do it.

#13 Is She A Gusher?.”If you glide your fingers in right after she has come and rub around her g-spot with a ‘come here’ motion quite vigorously and she starts making a dampening sound you got yourself a gusher. CONGRATS! But don’t go nuts as she might not no it herself. Ask her if she is first and if she doesn’t know warn her that she will think she is about to pee herself and reassure her she’s not. Then rub that spot like crazy. Getting harder and faster every second. She will well right up and start squirting like a fountain. DEVINE 😉


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