How I Pulled an On-Duty Police Women With This One Simple Approach


Think trying to strike up a conversation with a lady at a bar is hard?

Then listen and learn from this real-life scenario about how possible anything is by using a simple scenario starter as a chat up line…

So I’m walking past a bar with some friends after a night out and low and behold there are some guys outside having a fight.

One of the policewomen dealing with it was super cute so I figured why the hell not.

I simply walked up to her and said

“Is there anything I can do to help out”

which made me instantly be a good guy and also reinforce that I have her back. This was then quickly followed by

“Jeeez these guys are dicks”

Which made me come across as not serious and have a sense of humour.

Once it settled down, a conversation easily flowed by asking her questions like how her night is going, what time she gets off ya de ya de yada.

I then said I’m off but had had fun so I casually asked for her number which she happily gave.

(If she wasn’t a cop on duty I would have said fancy going to grab a drink somewhere but I knew she would have to go back to work)

But the lesson here is always lever the immediate surroundings to strike up a conversation to make is as natural as possible.

If you do this you will never have to balls up with some cheesy chat up line and you’ll instantly come across as a nice guy.

It works every time.

If it works with on-duty policewomen who could get in serious trouble for flirting on the job just imagine how well it will work with women out on the town looking for some fun.

And it also works a treat in everyday scenarios like bookstores, coffee shops and cinemas.

Spot a girl looking at a movie poster outside? “Hey have you seen this film? Thinking about watching it and wonder what it’s like” or “ha that guy (person on the poster) looks like a ” etc

If this just helps one person it’s been worth my time…



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