How to Find Cuckold Couples


cuckold-couplesSo you want to find a cuckold couple?

Dood… I don’t blame you. I’ve been with several cuckold couples and not only is it as sexy as sexy can get it’s also one hell of an easy way to get some sex in the sheets.

You can learn all about how I found my cuckold couples here

And the good news is… actually no! let’s scrap that, the GREAT news is that if you are a single guy that’s happy to screw someone’s wife then you are in heavy demand.

And I don’t just mean heavy! You are as in demand as a condom in a sex club and a bottle of lube at a sex party.

And it doesn’t matter if you want to be a Bull or a Sub to the couple either. Even though, ‘technically’ a cuck / cuckold couple generally comprises of a dominant female with a sub hubby that like very well hung bulls to come and please her in the bedroom, You’ll also find that there are a SHIT LOAD of couples out there that want a sub man to join them too.

In fact, at the time of writing I personally know at least 10 couples who want bulls (vwe guys) and around 20 couples that just want some sub guy for them to get their claws into. Bi or not… that’s up to them and you.

But bottom line… Whatever you are into there are many, cute ass couples out there looking for guys just like you to join them in the sheets for hot as hell and horny as honey sex.

So how do you find them?

The easiest way to get started is to crank out old Tumblr and start searching for cuckold couples. You’ll find ALOT of them like to upload pics and videos of them for you to enjoy. This will get you started and making connections pretty easily if you leave the right comments on the right profiles and you are lucky enough to find a couple near you.

However… you’re going to have to raise the game a little if you want to get some real action and get it real quick as Tumblr is more globally based so the chances of you landing on a couple within a 20 miles radius who are happy to let you get your dick wet is slim.

Next on the list is to checkout Reddit. THERE ARE ALOT of sexy couples on there that openly share pictures and look for guys like you to join them. Look for the R4R subreddit and you’ll have enough eye-candy to keep your lonely solo sessions interesting for a long time.

But dont get too complacent and fap’d out …

Next up is going more yocal… Check out and spend a little time reading the threads that are already posted so you get to learn the lingo before you start approaching couples. Don’t underestimate this tip.

But when you are ready to take the plunge the easiest, fastest damn sure way you’ll ever find a couple is by finding them though your local LS type of sites.

If you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about then click here to learn exactly how to find cuckold couples for sex.

You won’t get a more detailed breakdown of exactly what you need to do to get your socks off and cocks up with a cuckold couple anywhere else.

AND you’ll also learn how to approach them the right way, send them the right messages and know exactly what to do and expect on your first meet.

So best o luck with it and as ever

Stay Frisky






P.S. Here is a new post about what’s a cuck just incase you were wondering


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