How To Approach A Couple For Sex


meet-a-coupleFACT: A shit tonne of couples are looking for single guys to join them in the bedroom.

And you can find out how to find couples who are looking for single guys for sex here…

HOWEVER: A shit tonne of single guys constantly approach them in totally the wrong way and blow their chances before they will ever blow their load!

Now… I’m sure YOU are fine buddy – but for the others out there then scan these 10 tips PRONTO just to make sure you’re top of your game.


# TIP 1: SPOT a couple on a Lifestyle site? DUDE… Don’t be sending them messages like ‘I want to fuck you hard’ or ‘I’ve got a HUGE COCK’ You’ll most likely end up in the trash can as opposed to their bedroom. Be polite and super cool instead.

# TIP 2: ALWAYS assume you’re messaging her hubby. So many single guys get this wrong. Write the message to him NOT her and you’ll gain their respect right away.

# TIP 3: INCLUDE photos. NOT cock shots. No one cares how big you are.. Include a decent clear face picture and body shot. This alone will quadruaplize your chances.

# TIP 4: OFFER them drinks first… No one I know will turn down a glass of the fizz before a goOd ole sex session… So ya may as well offer it from the outset.

# TIP 5: OFFER to go to  their house and not yours. Chances are they will prefer that (if not they may say a Hotel) but the chances of you getting them to your’s is very low… Plus you don’t have to change the sheets or tidy up first.



# TIP 1: DON’T just walk on up to the lady, ignore her guy and assume she’ll fall for you. It does not work that way! ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS talk to her husband just as much / if not MORE than you do to the women. You have to earn his respect if you want to bang his wife… Fair enough I think?

# TIP 2: WHEN you are chatting with a couple, please don’t say some dumb ass shizzle like ‘Want to go upstairs so I can fuck y’a ass? Try and hold some kind of dignity. Let them take the lead and go at their speed.

# TIP 3:  YOU’RE in the their world… They are not in yours. You fit in with them. PERIOD. So find out what they like / want… if it doesn’t match yours then get the hell outta there! Moral of this point is don’t be pushy

# TIP 4: MMF or MF? Is her husband a watcher? Does he like to join in? Will he head on over to the local Bar whilst you’re balls deep in his lady? Yeaaaah that happens to me ALOT. But the key thing to remember here is that it’s not like that for every couple. So make sure to find ones that want the same as you and be straight up about it. If you want to be balls deep alone, then you can’t get all pissy and try and cock block her fella when the play is kicking of. That’s just BAD.

# TIP 5: CANT GET HARD? Don’t be an ass and get all stressy about it… You’ve got 10 fingers, 10 toes, a tongue and heck… even your elbow to use so please her in some other way. Remember – if you do a good job… they’ll be knocking on your door for round 2.

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