Going to first swingers party at a single guy


Hi peeps,

Fairly new to this to be honest, recently got out of a long relationship where me and my girlfriend were not sexually active at all. I am a youngish guy and am interested in exploring myself a bit more sexually and am wanting to go to my first swingers party by myself. The party is in 2 weeks and is at a house.

I am just wondering what are the essential do’s and don’ts when going to my first party. What do I wear? What do I bring? Is it ok to drive to a party? Just the basics I want to know and general beginner advice in general.

Thank you everyone.


  1. Congratulations my friend. To start with check this guide out here: https://lsplaybook.com/cb-single-guys 🙂 got everything you need.

    In a simple answer though, drive, dont drink, stay cool, be respectful, dont aim to fuck but aim to get accepted into the LS, dont pester couples, relax, chat and be a gent. YOU WILL GET LAID eventually if you stay cool and not be pushy


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