How To Get A Girls Number

how to get a girls number

Here’s a simple phrase to help you learn how to get a girls number. And it works like a charm.

Let’s say you’re in a bar or at a club chattin’ with some hot hunnie or even a couple and you KNOW you just want to meet her for sex.

But time is running out and you’ve got some shit to do…

Well, you can either blow out your other plans and sit there waiting for something to happen, OR, you can be a man and get on with the rest of your day making sure that you can contact her again…

It’s time to get her deets… and now you just got to figure out how to get a girls number the easiest way.

We all know how sad and desperate it sounds when you say “Can I have your number?” to a girl you have just met.

You are instantly are on the back foot and appear desperate. Begging almost.

Instead act busy… and say ‘Hey, well I have to shoot. it’s been fun but LETS SWAP DETAILS and keep in touch.”

See what youv’e done there? Your swapping details… not begging her for hers!

You are instantly evening the playing field by not just asking for hers but also giving yours PLUS not suggesting you go out on a date or anything too comital.

you’re just saying ‘lets stay in touch’. There is no pressure there.

But before you walk away, punch it into your phone and make sure to here it ring… Aint nuttin’ worse than getting home and realising that you wrote it down wrong or the napkin you wrote it on has got soggy.




  1. You’re totally right though, about how “Can I have your number?” is the WORST way to get a number.

    So yeah, you should frame it in a way where you are both benefitting from the number exchange. You just have to be fluid with the words you use in a given situation.


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