Flirting Tips For Single Men At A Swingers Club


Looking for flirting tips for men at a swingers-club…

So, you’re meeting a new swinger couple either at a club or on a date. You’ve gotten past the introductions. What are techniques to indicate interest and to escalate the sensuality of the interaction before transitioning to play?

I find myself just continuing regular conversation. I know many women would prefer to be made to feel desired and seduced. I’d like to get better at giving them that.

I’m halfway through reading the Lifestyle Playbook which is FUCKING EXCELLENT but wanted to hear other peoples thoughts



  1. After you have made a connection, move the conversation towards sexier things. Compliment them on how sexy they look in their outfit or how sensual they looked while dancing or oh sorry, I was distracted by how amazing your lips look, I bet you are a great kisser. Flattery that is focused on their sexier aspects is an easy way to open the door to the play room.

  2. We actually just did an entire podcast on flirting with some friends, we talked about the 5 types of flirting, 10 ways to know if someone is flirting and also when we’ve fucked up

  3. This is my opinion only but it’s a technique that served me very well for many years in both sexual and non sexual situations.

    #1) Be educated, well read, and able to have intelligent conversation on a variety of subjcts.

    #2) Be a good listener. Actually hear what the other person is saying and ask intelligent questions about the subject they’re talking about. Trust me I’ve learned a LOT about makeup and stuff I’d never gotten into just by listening, doing a bit of research, and being able to ask intelligent questions about things that other people are interested in.

    #3) Make eye contact and a lot of it. Smile often and be approachable.

    #4) In ‘flirting’ situations keep your body ‘open’. Don’t cross your arms or create a barrier across your torso / chest. Subconsciously this is a sign of defensiveness or rejection.

    #5 Again in ‘flirting’ situations lean in a little. See if they lean in towards you. If they do that’s a signal that you can get a little closer. If they don’t then wait a while. If they never do then move on and don’t push.

    Of course that’s just my method that has worked a lot for me. At work all the women LOVE me from ages 16 to 80. My boss once asked me how I am so popular with females from customers to co workers and I shrugged and said ‘I’m a charming motherfucker’. The real truth is I listen and know how to read signs of just how ‘friendly’ to be. I don’t push. I let the game come to me. And just a disclaimer here. I personally think I’m not really all that attractive. But I have zero problem getting female attention by just keeping it classy.

    And CERTAINLY READ The Lifestyle Playbook from cover to cover if you want to get laid!

  4. Last night I exercised the flirting game a bit at a meet and greet pub crawl.

    I’m the type of dude that just says what I mean but don’t really throw myself at women. If I think you’re gorgeous I say so and I think I’m charming about it but I’m not pushy.

    Sometimes that doesn’t work because women want you to make moves but I’m calculating interest in me more than racking up numbers.

    I like women that touch my arm or something. It’s engaging. Most of me flirting is seeing if she is going to engage or not. I lose interest pretty quick if she isn’t.

    Flirting is a two way street for me.

  5. We’re a couple. We do invite men in threesomes from time to time. Let me go back at the introductions and built it up from there:

    * Assuming you’re heterosexual and mostly interested in the female..dont ignore or forget her man. You can compliment her, flirt with her but just casually talk to him too. He’s there with her and if he does not like you…the deal is off. On the dance floor, don’t ‘steal’ her. Dance with her, touch her, but let her free and return to her man too. Unless he is more into watching / cuckoldry.
    * Try to keep it a bit light and funny. Not too serious. She doesn’t have to fall in love with you, they just have to like you enough to share a playroom or hotelroom with you.
    * Just ask them about their experience..this could be a nice bridge to a more naughty conversation. Ask them if they’ve been with man alone in a threesome situation and what they expect from that. This gives you A. the chance to make it more naughty and to the an example: So, would you like to experience that again with me tonight? And B. information on what they like and don’t like.
    * Communicate while on your way to the room or if you are in the room while making out a little,, even if it feels weird. Some couples have rules that may sound weird to you. Like…no kissing while oral or piv is okay.
    * During play and after…..dont talk with the male like she isn’t there. We’ve had situations where the guy would say to me: wow she is great, wow she does this or that perfect. Tell her! She’s right there. And if you want to tell her man too…thats fine, but dont pretend she is not there. Total turn off for her.

  6. Light touching of arm or other safe areas in a flirtatious way and see if she touches you back in a safe zone – it is subconscious for us to touch each other if we are attracted to each other

  7. My wife is completely the opposite of “many women would prefer to be made to feel desired and seduced”. Typically when someone starts working her like that it comes off sleazy AF. I’m strictly speaking from a MFMF scenario.

    We much prefer after a “normal” date to just touch base and see if there is interest in taking this further. When it comes to threesome it’s different. It’s a big YMMV, everyone is looking for different things in the LS.


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