First Swinging Experience


Finally had our first real sex swap! We met the couple for dinner first another night and then met again for dinner and then back to our house. We have fun sex games (best one was the game of lifestyle!) and kind of eased into the night with games and drinks. The mood was right and it took off from there! Both of the other couple were super into me and the wife was definitely very much into my husband (which was so so hot) ended up not only swapping but having a threesome and some point throughout it all! We kept it same room and it turned out hot, sexy and the best experience we could have asked for! This lifestyle freaking rocks!

Next missions is to get a single guy to join us for sex


  1. Congratulations! We had very sexy plans last night too to pop our cherry but had to reschedule (playground closed for monthly maintenance ha). Can’t wait to have a similar post after date night Friday.

  2. Oh wow what does it take for us to have an experience like that… Sounds very pleasing. So jealous!! Lol. 💋

  3. To be honest, lots and lots of messaging other couples (we’ve been ghosted lots of times as well or messaged and then they just stop talking to us slowly yet steadily) so we too are amazed and extremely happy it worked out how it did 🙂

  4. We popped our cherry last night too. I’m giving y’all an electronic high five right now lol. It was pretty awesome for us. Good luck in your future endeavors!

  5. Haha I suppose it was a cherry pop! And hells yes! Big high fives all around! We were worried about getting into a funk after being ghosted and just let down a bunch in a row. Thank God there are good, friendly swingers still out there!


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