Last year I dated a wonderful man who was entirely open to allowing me to truly explore my kinky side. I had been very bi-curious and swinger curious (not sure if that’s a thing) and he was open to all of it. We started a search for a girl as well as a couple. We found 2 separate girls that we had a lot of fun with but the perfect match in a couple always eluded us. We went out with several, it was always up to me if I wanted to make it a go, but every time, one or both parts of the couple were not my type.

During our threesomes I found that I absolutely loved watching him fuck the other women. There was something incredibly hot about seeing him please them, watching them cum because of his cock. There was also something in the denial of it that made me so wet. Mind you, he isn’t a dominant man at all, so it was self imposed denial, but it was ridiculously hot.

Fast forward a year, we both moved to opposite ends of the world which effectively ended our relationship but not our friendship. I still fantasize about the times when I would watch him fuck women and it still makes me just as hot. Next month I am going to visit him with a friend and last night, I told her she was welcome to fuck him while we’re out there as long as I get to watch. She had known about our sexual adventures but she was pretty surprised and asked if I would be jealous. To which I told her absolutely not, it’s actually a huge turn on for me.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately but I don’t know anyone who I can really ask, does that make me a cuckquean? Does it make me someone who loves to give sexually to my partner? Is there something wrong with me because I know a lot of people who are fairly kinky but no one who loves to watch their significant other fuck…



  1. I absolutely love watching my wife have sex. Sure, most vanilla folks will freak out over such a thing (they don’t need to know, so screw those people), but if you enjoy it and your partners enjoy it, then have at it. The way I’ve explained it before is this way: if someone else gives my wife amazing sex – does something different or better than me – and she experiences a body-shaking orgasm while I am there with them, then as far as I am concerned, we’re having sex together.

  2. Perhaps you are a cuckquean or maybe you specifically like watching him fuck other girls? As far as kinks go, while not very common among women (compared to men), there’s nothing wrong with it. Depending upon the exact nature of your relationship with him, maybe you could tell him about it and encourage him to give you details about his previous/present hookups? I had a (male) FWB who loved hearing about my other hookups while I fucked him. After all, hearing him have fun while you’re far away would heighten the denial wouldn’t it?

  3. I think that you don’t need to find the exact definition of who or what you are, people always seek definitions to determine if they are normal or some kind of a pervert. 

    Every one here has crazy kinks, but if you really need to know just google the differences and decide yourself what you  are, don’t let some strangers define you.

    Oh and if you ask me, you are not a cuckquean you are just voyeuristic, by the way, there are various surveys online that you could fill and they will show you exactly what you need to know.

  4. You’re a vixen. You are a cuckquean also cause you like the denial. Even though self imposed, you still like it.

    As long as you like it, who cares what you call it though. Enjoy and have fun, and I wish we were dating, you’re incredibly rare.

  5. I LOVE watching my husband fuck! But, we only play together and I am usually playing with someone when he is fucking. Once in a while I’ll be done it taking a break and will sit and watch. My best friend is a swinger and she is the same way. I think it is more typical than we like to talk about. It’s definitely one big reason I love swinging. The label doesn’t matter. Your honesty and communication about your desires and limits does!

  6. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately but I don’t know anyone who I can really ask, does that make me a cuckquean?

    Following the exact definition of the word, no. A cuckquean (or cuckold if you were male) would be because you got off on the *humiliation* of your partner fucking someone else. The humiliation part is essential for the cuck element. Otherwise you’re a vixen, or he’s a “hot-husband”, or stag.

  7. My wife loves to watch me fuck other women.

    I don’t know if she’s a cuckquean or not. She’s usually getting fucked by someone too!

    She’s told me many times it turns her on to see me fuck women and she says she gets excited to see how they will react to me.

    It’s some thing I should ask her more about and maybe explore because I get turned on by the bull role.

    I also love seeing her get fucked well or when the guy/girl has a go too move that I don’t use or don’t use often and I like to see her enjoy the variety for sure! I def enjoy seeing her enjoy herself so anything that makes her happy is likely to make me happy.


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