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This post is written by a genuine couple visiting Club Sapphire in Seattle. Views are their own.

club-sapphire-seattle-videoOur view is that this club LOOKS AMAZING and one that you absolutely should check out. The club looks super clean, the reviews are fantastic, the prices are reasonable and they throw one hell of a party. 5 STARS FROM US.

And the good news is guys, they accept single guys wanting to get into swinging 🙂

Club Sapphire Seattle Reviews from a guest.

My fiancé and I attended Club Sapphire Seattle on a Saturday which just so happen to be their 4th Anniversary Gala.

The club is in an industrial area just outside of Seattle, the entrance is a hallway that leads into a room that holds the check in counter as well as the coat check. When we arrived the staff behind the desk asked us if it was our first time there, we said yes and they had us go into a little room off to the side. There we were informed that we were going to watch an orientation video followed by a tour and then we would have a chance to decide if we wanted to stay and then pay the cover fees

The video covered the basics and all the rules of the club. This would be great for people who are just dipping their toes in the lifestyle. I appreciated the video but it was just a tad too long, in my opinion.

Afterwards, we were given a tour of the club. When we talked in, it was a nice set up with lots of sleek looking couches. There was a woman doing a performance of sorts with a baton on the dance floor. Not sure if they have performances on the regular or if it was a special occasion since it was their anniversary. We were able to tour the play areas as well just not the ones where people were already in them. This was around 9:30pm by the way.

After the tour we were asked if we wanted to stay and of course we said yes, we paid the cover $135 and made our way in. We dropped off our bottle at the bar, it’s BYOB, we were assigned a number so we can go back for more drinks.

We made our way to an area next to the dance floor and hung out. Everyone was pretty friendly, and I’ve never been complimented more in my life! They sure knew how to make a girl smile!

As the night went on, you could very easily tell who the new people were since you can see them taking the tour. The club was definitely packed.

There was a buffet out, didn’t try any of it but it looked like it was very dessert heavy. Also there was a free water dispenser, which I think should be at every club!

I ended up dancing a lot on the dance floor, they played really typical music you would find at any nightclub. I love dancing at swinger clubs since I don’t have to worry about my dress riding up lol. I went to go get another drink I had a couple come up to me to tell me how much they enjoyed watching me dance.

Play Areas:

club-seattle-review There are no open drinks allowed in the play room areas. Only bottles of water with a cap on. There is about six rooms, some of them have actual doors and the two bigger areas have almost sheer curtains and no doors. Lots of bunk bed style of bedding. There is also a living room type area where single men have to wait and be invited back by a couple.

Protection and towels are provided. There are three locker room areas. Single men have their own changing areas. Locks are available for purchase.

The bigger play areas got really packed really fast! When we made our way into the room I actually got kicked in the head a couple of times since the place was so tight.

club-sapphire-seattle-review-playroomThis club is ran by its members so don’t be surprised if you see the bartender getting blown or the door people playing as well.

club-sapphire-seatlle-addressMy fiancé and I actually didn’t end up playing with another couple this time, just with each other but we both had so much fun! We had a blast and everyone was super friendly.

We have been in the lifestyle for a year now so we still haven’t mastered the art of being the ones who initiated or ask to close the deal, per say. So we generally go with the flow and have someone else lead.

Overall I would recommend Sapphire to others. It’s not super upscale or high end or anything but it’s modern enough and super clean.

Hope you enjoyed my review! It was my very first one so hopefully I will get better as I keep on going to clubs and writing. Let me know anyone has any questions I would be happy to answer!
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  1. Great review, my husband and I are actually going to club sapphire for our first experience every in 2 weeks so I really appreciate the intel.

  2. Sapphire is a lot of fun. We have been there a few times. Different nights often have different themes, like kink night, bisexual night, or special holiday themes.

    It looks like you went in an expensive night. Often times a single woman is free, single males are typically not allowed, and couples pay just the price for a single male, usually about $65 I think.

    The age range there was typically in the mid-thirties or older. There is usually a young fit couple or two that gets a lot of attention. Special events had a slightly younger crowd in my experience.

    I also recommend Sapphire, but it’s the only one in the area and the only one I’ve been to.


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