3 Essential Steps to Approach Any Girl

approach techniques

#1 Make Eye Contact. You have to make eye contact first before you approach a woman so she sees you coming. You can even predict the outcome before you have opened your mouth just by the way she welcomes you.

#2 Use the scenario you are in to start the conversation. Don’t use cheesy chat up lines. Don’t flatter her right away. Use something from the immediate surroundings to gentle pave the way in. For example – waiting outside a restaurant and looking at the menu just ask her if she can recommend any thing or has she eaten there before. In a coffee shop… “Having a nice break from work? Me too…”

#3 Listen. From then on in you just gotta listen to what she has to say. Each thing she says think of questions to ask. Rinse and repeat.

Then… and here’s the holy grail of tips that works every single god damn time…

Get her talking about herself. People love talking about themselves as it comes naturally. This one tip, as simple as it sounds works like star dust. Just shut the hell up, listen and appear interested to everything she has to say.

Don’t spend too much time on thinking what to say just get up there and say something. Even you fail it’s better than not trying at all.


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